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Our Horses

About our Sponsorship Program

Why Sponsor?

Sponsoring a horse is more than just a donation, it is a unique opportunity to get involed in the lives of the Ranch kids. Our horses are central to the work we do and your monthly contribution ensures each of our horses have their daily care needs taken care of.

Monthly Equine Costs

Our sponsorship program allows our generous community to give back and support their favorite horses. Regular expenses can include feed, hay, hoof care, medications, and vet visits. 

For $280 a month you will receive the following:

  • An appreciate post on social media with a picture of your choice of the horse you're sponsoring

  • A 60-minute one-on-one visit to BMYR to meet the horse you are sponsoring and spend time getting to know them and getting your picture made with them

  • Quarterly email updates and videos on your sponsored horse

  • A sticker of your horse

  • Your name featured on your horse's bio

To sponsor a horse:
Click on the donate link above
Select monthly donation
And the amount you would like to give each month
Click the box to add a dedication and enter the horse's name

Meet The Team

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