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How do I become an BMYR volunteer?

It’s easy to volunteer at the Ranch!  Fill out the application linked below. If you have any questions, feel free to email us at

Click here to submit a Volunteer Application

I don’t feel comfortable working with horses, can I still volunteer?

Absolutely. We need all kinds of volunteers and since we do a wide variety of activities in our session programs. many of our volunteer tasks are non horse-based. When you are filling out your volunteer application, there will be space for you to specify what your interests are and how you believe you can best serve at BMYR.

What is the difference between a volunteer and a session leader?

Volunteers can fill a wide variety of tasks - everything from farm maintenance, feeding and working with horses, office and administrative tasks, as well as greeting and welcoming visitors to our Ranch. A volunteer could work as little as one hour in a season or they could come and help at the Ranch on a daily or weekly basis. In contrast, Session Leaders are volunteer mentors who serve in a very specific capacity. We require that our Session Leaders serve with us a minimum of twice a month for each 2-3 month season of programming. Session leaders also go through additional interview procedures and training.

Can my kids volunteer with me?

Yes! We love all our volunteers – no matter the age, and we have many volunteer tasks that are well-suited for children to help with. We just ask that youth 15 years old and younger be accompanied by an adult during their time on the Ranch. Kids as young as 11 can also help with our sessions provided that they have adequate experience working with horses. 

Do you offer short-term volunteering?

We do! If you are interested in serving at the Ranch for a period of 6 weeks or less, we invite you to fill out our short-term volunteer application. We welcome individuals as well as groups and this is a great way for individuals who live outside our area. Once approved, our short-term volunteers typically serve a minimum of four days and as long as six weeks. We typically are scheduled four weekdays as well as one or two Saturdays a month. 

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